Influential Michigan Multiroaster Strange Matter Occupies New Space

Strange Matter Coffee Lansing

Strange Matter Coffee in downtown Lansing. Photo by Priscilla Perez.

The Lansing, Mich., multiroaster Strange Matter Coffee Co. today officially becomes a multi-location company, opening the doors to a second coffee shop while planning a major relocation of its first.

The new 800-sq...


Hawaii Officials On the Hunt for Outlawed Coffee Growing Kits

Grow your own coffee kits made by Dunecraft Inc. in Ohio. Photo provided by the HDOA.

Officials in Hawaii are on the hunt for about 10 outlawed coffee-growing kits that were sold at Long’s Drug store locations, where approximately 500 of the kits have already been pulled from store shelv...


First Fully Compostable Valve Coffee Bag Hits the Market

compostable coffee bag.

Elevate Packaging’s fully compostable coffee bag.

Despite sustainability in general being at the forefront of so many coffee companies’ marketing pitches, there have persisted some dirty little non-recyclable, non-biodegradable and non-compostable secrets that quietly slip under the co...


World Coffee Producers Forum Adds President Clinton, Will Be Streamed in Four Languages

World Coffee Producers Forum

A late addition to the already impressive lineup of international coffee experts set to address the sold-out inaugural World Coffee Producers Forum in Medellín, Colombia, former U.S. President Bill Clinton will join Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for a panel discussion.

The Co...


The Extraction is Staring Right Back at a Vacuum-Sealed Coffee Helmet

It’s totally ok to pair coffee and wine. And also why not dessert?

If your coffee tastes and wine tastes were two separate people, would they be buds? Renowned wine expert Joe Fattorini has shared with Newsweek how your tastes in wine and your tastes in coffee may be correlated...


Seattle’s Visions Espresso Broadens Education Scope with SCA Campus Accreditation

Visions Espresso Seattle

Visions Espresso education lab. Photo by Darrell Ansay @dstop_photo

Since its founding more than 30 years ago by Dawn Loraas, Visions Espresso has been a driving force in the coffee equipment game, offering a wide range of stock and customizable commercial coffee equipment and technical ...